Emily’s time working in the medical field has shown her the security and peace of mind that is offered when someone has health insurance. She has also seen firsthand the tragic shortcomings of our current medical system, and the negative effects on people's health when they are forced to choose between paying their mortgage and seeking medical attention. She believes that in the wealthiest nation in the world, in a state as great as Wisconsin, it is immoral that people are left to make this choice. The cost of healthcare affects not only our neighbors, but small business owners across our state.

We have an obligation to ensure everyone in our community has access to affordable health coverage.
— Emily Siegrist

There are 300,000 Wisconsinites who are currently without coverage because they can't afford the cost on the public marketplace, and make too much to qualify for BadgerCare. There's a simple solution: make BadgerCare a public option and allow anyone in Wisconsin to purchase coverage through the state, which would come at no additional cost to taxpayers.