I live my values everyday when it comes to my passion for the environment.
— Emily Siegrist

Emily is an enthusiastic environmental advocate. Growing up in northern Minnesota she developed an appreciation for the natural beauty that abounds in our nation. Once she moved to Wisconsin and was exposed to our vibrant farmer's market communities her appreciation turned into a desire to better understand our food economy and learn how to create a more sustainable model. Emily pursued this curiosity by becoming a master gardener and joining her local gardening club.

Being the mother of two, Emily is aware of the risks that man-made climate change poses to future generations if we do not act today. Emily believes it is imperative that Wisconsin takes the lead in protecting our environment and pursuing the innovations of tomorrow. She thinks that the current attitude in Madison of rolling back environmental regulations is not only the wrong approach but also immoral, and she believes we need to take a firm stand to address the issue of climate change.